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Sterling McPherson

Sterling McPherson is owner of Sterling Promotions, Inc. / a professional boxing management and consulting business of over 15 years.

On Tuesday, January 29th, 2002, the Nevada Athletic Commission granted Mr. McPherson his Boxing Promoter’s license and he officially marked the transition from manager to promoter as the beginning of a new era in what has been a life long career in the boxing industry.

A Las Vegas resident since 1977, Mr. McPherson pursued a boxing career and turned professional in 1979. He went on to be ranked one of the top five fighters in the world by the WBC and WBA boxing commissions.

By 1987, Mr. McPherson was nearing retirement and his decision to become a boxing manager was launched by restarting the career of former heavyweight champion Michael Dokes. He went on to manage the careers of numerous champions such as Oba Carr, Henry Aikwande, Keith Holmes, Roberta Garcia and Francois Botha.

Over the past 15 years, Mr. McPherson has assisted in guiding over 100 professional fighters to world title fights. He was described as the “Manager of the Decade” by HBO broadcasters during the July, 2000 Lewis vs. Botha and was recognized by the IBF as “Manager of the year” in 1996 and again in 1997.

As a consultant, Mr. McPherson frequently adds his expertise in matching up top rated fighters during the planning stages of large venues. He is recognized as an expert in the field of small boxing venues and has been instrumental in developing the careers of talented young fighters.

Mr. McPherson has served as a consultant to some of the world’s top promoters including Don King / Don King Productions, Inc., Frank Warren / Sports Network, Inc., Bob Arum / Top Rank, Inc. and Lou Falcigno of Momentum Promotions.

An accomplished professional, Sterling McPherson is now a boxing promoter, by his own rite, at work on a wide variety of future projects.

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